Government Degree College Majalata, in collaboration with the Department of Health, organised a highly impactful awareness program focusing on women's health.

Government Degree College Majalata, in collaboration with the Department of Health, organised a highly impactful awareness program focusing on women's health. Scheduled on Wednesday, March 6th, the event served as a crucial platform to disseminate vital information and promote awareness regarding various aspects of women's health. Attended by students, faculty members, and members of the local community, the program aimed to educate participants on issues ranging from reproductive health to preventive measures against common ailments affecting women. Principal GDC Majalta prof.(Dr) Shalini Sharma emphasized the crucial significance of women's rights advocating for equality, empowerment, and the eradication of gender based discrimination in society The medical office Majalta Dr Munisha emphasized the critical importance of women's rights, including access to reproductive healthcare, menstruation awareness, and treatment for conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) The collaborative effort between Government Degree College Majalata and the Department of Health underscored the commitment to prioritize women's health and well-being in the community. Through informative sessions, interactive workshops, and expert-led discussions, attendees gained insights into the importance of regular health check-ups, proper nutrition, and the significance of early detection and treatment of women-specific health concerns. Furthermore, the event facilitated open dialogue, empowering participants to address stigmas surrounding women's health issues and fostering a supportive environment for seeking medical assistance. Overall, the collaboration between the educational institution and the health department not only raised awareness but also encouraged proactive measures towards ensuring the holistic health and empowerment of women in the community. Principal Shalini Sharma thanked the NSS cordinator for organising the WOHE programme, The event was conducted by team of GDC Majalta including Prof. Anuradha HOD Education and organising committee comprising Prof Chander Mohan (HOD) English, Prof. Dalip Dutta (HOD) EVS, Prof. Naresh kumar (HOD) Dogri, Dr peerzada Amir, Dr Arsheed lone, Dr palak , and Dr Abass.

Shaheedi Divas Celebration at GDC Majalta College

NSS Unit of GDC Majalta observed Shaheedi Divas today on March 23 rd by organizing a rally on the occasion in which more than 100 NSS volunteers participated. They have also taken a pledge that we will work for the betterment, safety and security of our country. Speaking on the occasion NSS programme officer, Dr. Suresh Sharma remembered Indian freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru who were executed by the British government for their acts of dramatic violence and their role in the struggle for Indian independence. The trio was hanged in Lahore Central jail presently located in Pakistan today. Their sacrifices towards the country continue to be remembered and honored till date by means of tales, films, stories etc. On this occasion Advisory Committee also participated in the programme. The prominent among Dr. Parveen Kumari, Dr. Neha Sharma, Prof. Imran Hussain Shah.

Educational trip conducted by Deptt. of Env. Science,GDC Majalta College

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